Financial Statements

While REPUBLICAN SINGLES LLC is not a public company, I have no problem sharing our financial statements with the public. I purchased the domain in 2015 and established Social Media accounts. I built a non-functional prototype to attract funding (unsuccessful), and then created the first functional site in 2018. After four years of struggling with a buggy, boring, and clumsy product, I started over in June 2022 with a completely new website and app that are much better than what we had before. We've been mentioned on and on Fox News.


Currently, we are out of cash and are bankrupt. We can no longer pay for advertising and can barely pay minimal expenses. I am disabled, so I have no personal capital. We have no investors, so we have no investment capital. And fewer than 5% of those who join the site will pay to be a member, so we have no revenue capital. We need investors and we need our members to pay for our services and labor if we are going to survive.



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