About Republican Singles

In 2015, I bought the domain on GoDaddy Auctions with the last $1,000 to my name after negotiating the previous owner down from $5,000. I then established social media accounts and built a non-functional prototype to try and raise funds. After three years of not raising funds and not knowing what to do, I found a company to help me build the first version of the site in the summer of 2018. That site was buggy and boring, so retention was poor.


In June 2022, I found a new company to help me build a better site, and in September 2022, we launched alongside our nearest competitor, Right Stuff Dating. They were founded by Ryann McEnany, sister to Kayleigh McEnany, former press secretary to President Trump. They raised $1.5 million in seed money through billionaire co-founder Peter Thiel. They have a ton of financial and media support behind them. I am disabled and trying to get Republican Singles off the ground alone, with zero help, financial or otherwise. It's a type of "David vs. Goliath" story, however, Goliath is winning. We're struggling...


We need investment capital to market the site so we can bring more members in. Social media ads, conservative talk radio ads, and billboard ads are all extremely expensive. And we need our memebrs to support the company and subscribe.


Republican Singles is the safest online dating site for Republicans, Libertarians, and ALL other political conservatives. We use Social Catfish, IP Quality Score, and Spokeo to help protect our members from online romance scams, also known as "Catfishing."


We’re also the only Republican dating site that is located in the United States, is registered with the Federal Government, is registered with Dun & Bradstreet, has a current and valid business license, and is wholly owned and operated by a registered Republican.
We're a legitimate business, located in the United States of America, and in good standing.
Those are things to consider when joining a Republican dating site!


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